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Mike Comrie's Journal

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7th July 2004

10:44pm: Well.

Sometimes there are things.... okay, fine - issues ... that are always kind of there but never really get dragged out into the open because you just don't talk about those sort of things, let alone admit they exist. But sometimes you have no fucking choice anymore and they just get dragged out into the open.

So, here we are.



I think I'm going to go before I start grinning like a complete moron.

6th July 2004

9:32pm: Oh, my head. Boyd's head. Paul's head. The poor potted plant's head. This is not good. This is so not good. This is way way beyond not good.

5th July 2004

3:45pm: Fuck getting a dog. Paul, find your own fucking place.

This is way fucking better than I even hoped for.

2nd March 2004

12:14pm: Well, it seems that I don't have to find a pet after all. Although, a dog might not drool so much.

21st February 2004

11:19pm: Ales says I should buy a gerbil. Or a really big dog. Right now I'm leaning towards the dog.

Paper chains somehow don't have the same effect hanging in your hotel room. This fucking blows. So does losing. Badly.

Can't it be Wednesday again? Can't it be Wednesday for the rest of the season?

8th February 2004

12:47pm: Just when you finally think you have all this shit figured out. It would be nice to know what the fuck's going on.

15th November 2003

9:24am: Oh, no. Oh, no no no no no.

(How do you poison gerbils?)

13th September 2003

9:20pm: Fuck you, and you, and you, and you. It's none of your fucking business what I do.

11th September 2003

4:29pm: Anyone up for getting shitfaced at the 'Jungle tonight?

5th September 2003

8:12am: I'm sure you've all heard about the birthday party by now.

Attention to all people:

The open invitation excludes one Mr. Jeff Jillson. Thank you.

The rest of you: Come! Drink! Be merry!

18th August 2003

2:57pm: Ladies and gentlemen, proof.

thebrick89: *roasts marshmallow*
NiinimaaD44: why are you roasting me?

20th July 2003

1:02pm: I'm going to go throw myself off a bridge now.

Thank you, and have a good day.

21st June 2003

10:55pm: I must flee the country. Shawn and Ales are plotting evil things. I don't care if I'm short, you don't get to drag me across the ice like that. If years of hanging me upside-down by the ankles didn't work, this will not. Will not will not will not.

And is it just me, or is it hilarious that people are still pissed about something that happened last year? Everyone that was NOT directly involved. We worked it out. It's all in the past. And it was all (eventually) for the best. Grow up and get over it.
10:54pm: bored. survey. ha.Collapse )
8:57am: One minute there’s snow, the next, nothing but green. Gotta love Edmonton.

Have now gone over a month without cookies. Twitching has stopped, cravings minimal. To hell with giving up coffee. That was just a dumb idea.

While we’re on the subject, have not felt the need to shower in a month. Um, compulsively. Have still showered but not needed to since…

Oh hell, never mind.

Theresa is learning, slowly but surely (mefirstmefirstmefirst). Got ‘ma’ down pat, just need the ‘ike’ part. Of course, she also knows several variations on that, such as ‘da’ and ‘ba’ and ‘pa’ (pointedly WITHOUT the ‘ul’), but it’s a start. Boyd seems to like her (who wouldn’t?), also seems to be great with kids. Am not surprised, considering how long he was with Paul.

Said kid suggested a week at the cabin. Would be worth it, if only to see Boyd on waterskis. Heh heh heh.

2nd June 2003

1:47pm: YES!
Just fucking... yes.

Anson, I love you. Hair and Dipsy Doodle and all.

Love all of you. Yep.

Especially you, Boyd. So fucking glad you're here.

Hey! Kyle DOES have Schnapps! I'll have to go filch some....

And for the record, I still don't like you either. But he does. So whatever.
Current Mood: tipsy

31st May 2003

8:07am: ahh, resolutions.
Let's see...

1) Cookie situation going well.
2) Coffee situation... not so well.
3) Just fucking laughable. Stab me with a fork.
3) Even more laughable.
4) There never has been, and never WILL be midget porn! Augh!
5) Haha. Hahahaha. I crack myself up.

*sighs* *looks up* One out of six... um... not bad.

Anyways. Game.
8:06am: Happy birthday to the best pillow with the comfiest lap and quite possibly one of the best damn captains out there.

Hope it's a good one, Steve.

21st May 2003

9:13pm: Paul? You ever quote me on this and I'll kill you, but you rock.

So, yes. Boyd is here (and Paul, but the only one who cares about him is Steve). May or may have not been a huge dork and thrown self at him and fallen to ground. *sighs*

I always hate playing against Tommy. *sighs*... but Dany got a goal and Daniel got a goal and Mathieu (I'm still mad at you) got a goal. So yes. We won. Which is very cool.

Now if you'll excuse me... I have um, yes. Things to do.

20th May 2003

8:12am: *grumble*
Fucking vodka whore drank most of it and then disappeared somewhere. Oh well. Can go smuggle some from Kyle. Rumour has it he brought Schnapps. Definitely worth checking out, since Steve was walking around with Butterscotch Ripple. Mm.

Have found out he does amusing 'Paul' *blush* 'Paul' *blush* thing too. Especially while slightly drunk. Heh.

Have also found that drinking leads to cookie cravings. Interesting phenomenon. Must investigate further. But also leads to Not Good Things which just leads to more compulsive showering. Ick.

Am going to take the apparently lengthy hike for my short little legs and check on Kyle. The Schnapps calls. I must obey.

27th April 2003

11:28am: Cookie situation going well. Cravings minor. Decaf, on the other hand, tastes like pure and utter crap.

Am resisting urges to shower compulsively again and murder Anson. And just because all you freaks are big hulking brutes doesn't mean I'm a midget. Much of one.

And as for number six, Dany, you suck.

Not bad. 6-1. Two goals. Being out of slumps is good.

Woke up today and was reaching over for Boyd, who of course wasn't there. It's funny how you can get used to something like that so quickly... you know, the little things that just... I don't know. Are really incredible even though they're so small. Miss you. Love you.

26th April 2003

7:36pm: That was a fun game. :) Feels nice to be able to score...

1) So far so good. Gave them all to Eric, who ate them. Pig.
2) *wince*... will try decaf tomorrow
3) Success!
4) Considering I'm on a line with him... must remind self that homicide is NOT a good thing.
5) Laughable. People just laugh at threats. And eating breakfast with Daniel does not help. Midget couple jokes are really starting to get old.
6) Doing alright. Of course that's because Smytty's trying to act all captain-ish (let's see how long it lasts THIS time), so I'm safe for the moment.

Went go-carting with everyone. Steve tampered with a few Wings' carts, Eric threw cookie crumbs at him, Ryan... um, his hair flowed, I guess. And Dany Heatley is fucking dangerous on those things, no matter how much he pleads innocent.

Need something on Mathieu Dandenault. Being called Mrs. Devereaux constantly took a little getting used to, but in front of the reporters isn't exactly the best spot. -_-

24th April 2003

9:55am: *yawns*
Have decided on a few resolutions. What, the plane ride was boring. Sue me.

1) You know those cookies? The addictive evil wonderful ones? Gone. Kaput. Yep.
2) Coffee equals bad.
3) Will not harbour inappropriate thoughts about... yes. That.
3) I will not rise to the bait when Anson starts calling me Dipsy Doodle.
4) Will not tolerate any more short jokes. Period.
5) I will no longer allow friends to fill me with alcohol and make me act like an idiot.

You can stop laughing now. It's going to happen. Really.

22nd April 2003

9:29am: Can't sleep- too much sun coming through the window. How Boyd doesn't wake up when it's so light is beyond me.

Of course, Paul's off somewhere and the house is strangely quiet, which of course led to thinking. I mean, this whole thing will just probably make next year harder, hell, even make Finland more difficult. Not waking up to hear him singing in the shower, or having someone to gang up against Paul with or fall asleep with or just to sit with and cuddle and do nothing and just... be.

But you know what? You were right, Janne. It is worth it.

20th April 2003

6:51pm: Well...
I guess that's that. Another year in the bag. Can we forget it and pretend it didn't happen?

Paul's still sulking- him and Steve aren't talking. What a jolly bunch we must make. Sorry you had to put up with us, Boyd. Maybe we can get Paul drunk and drag out the tap shoes and make him dance to Cyndi Lauper.

Not that I have the CDs or anything.

Am considering not shaving just to see what happens.

It's... good to have you back, Boyd. I love you.
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